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Snowplow Safety

Snowplows travel much slower than the posted speeds.  As in most large trucks, from the cab of the truck, the driver's field of vision is severely restricted to the area immediately behind the truck.  The driver must rely on mirrors to see to the rear and to the side.  

Mn/DOT offers these safe driving tips for travelers negotiating roadways during snow storms: 

  • Turn on your headlights
  • Turn off your cruise control
  • Slow down; allow at least an eight-second interval between your vehicle and a snowplow
  • Stay behind the snowplow.  The road behind a snowplow will be safer to drive on.  Also, snowplows turn or exit frequently and often with little warning.
  • Never drive into a snow cloud
  • Black ice is invisible and may be present in some areas, but not others.

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